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Order Status

To check the status of your order you may login to "My Account" with the email address and password you entered during checkout. If an account was not created at the time of your purchase you may contact a customer service representative who is able to check the current status of your order or update your account to allow you to login.

Stages of an Order: Once an order is placed it will go through a series of stages before it is shipped out.

Pending Approval: Once an order is placed it is marked "Pending Approval." All orders need to be approved before they begin processing. During the "Pending Approval" stage every order is carefully reviewed to ensure its passes all risk checks. An order is approved within 24 business hours of placing the order.

Pending Fulfillment: Orders are marked "Pending Fulfillment" when they are processing. All order’s typically take 5-10 business days to process before they ship. Under each item’s Shipping tab, an estimated processing time is listed. An order’s processing time may vary based on item availability. Please note: once you place your order your credit card is authorized for the total amount and is not charged until your order ships.

Partially Fulfilled: On some occasions there may be several shipments to complete the fulfillment of an order. If your order is marked "Pending Fullfillment" then it means that a portion of your order has shipped. Once the remainder of your order has shipped, your order will be marked "Shipped". A confirmation email will be sent including the contents of the each shipment along with a tracking number. All packages should be received within 2-4 business days of one another. If all items are not received within that time frame, please contact customer service at 866.900.9553.

Shipped: All items within your order has shipped. A FedEx/UPS/DHL/USPS tracking number will be provided to track your shipment. A confirmation email will be sent including the contents of the package and the tracking number. Your credit card is charged according to all item fulfillments.

Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled. Your order credit card has not been charged. A confirmation email will be sent when an order is cancelled.