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Blended Family

A blended family is created with the union of two families. During the wedding ceremony it is important to not only acknowledge the marriage, but to also recognize all the children involved.  Consider acknowledging a new blended family with Family Medallions, Family Unity Candles, or Sand Ceremony Kits.

Blended Family Wedding Ceremony

When either the bride or groom already has children it is important to consider how the new marriage will affect the children.  One way to make the children feel included is to have a blended family wedding ceremony.  During the wedding ceremony your minister or JP will take the time to formally announce the new family.  In some instances the children may even have their own vows. If your child is too young or too shy to say their own vows, you may give them a symbolic piece of jewelry like a family medallion, have them participate in a family sand ceremony or light a family unity candle.

At the reception, be sure to sit the children at the head table with the bride and groom.  Also, consider having each child dance with their new step-mother or step-father to a significant or meaningful song. 

The Family Medallion was designed specifically for blended families and consists of 3 entwined circles; two for the couple and the third for the children. Each circle is the same size symbolizing that they are all equally important.
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