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Bouquet Vases

You've spent hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars on bouquets for you and your bridal party...plus gorgeous arrangements for your head table. Why not take advantage of the bouquets and skip on the head table? Instead add vases to your head table, and create a spot for the girls to place their bouquets all while making the table look incredibly gorgeous!  
Your reception site or florist may offer vases at no charge, or for a small fee you may rent or purchase vases. Another idea is to give your bridesmaids the vase as a gift. Add personalization for a special touch.
To implement this, you'll need just a few minutes of coordination:
1. When ordering flowers, inform your wedding florist of the plan. The florist may want to create the bouquet in a fashion that will look amazing while the girls carry it down the aisle; plus look great standing in a vase.
2. Order/Rent vases. Check with florist or reception site for rental availability of vases; or consider ordering through an accessory shop with personalization for a special gift for your bridesmaids.
3. Have reception coordinator or florist place the vases on the head table in front of each girl's chair before the reception.
Tip: If you are personalizing and presenting as a gift, surprise each bridesmaid with a special note in front of the vase. When she sits, she'll be wowed by your thoughtfulness.